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By October 2010, twenty children-clients of FORGE – RESCUE Project takes on the A and E test, the accreditation and equivalency test facilitated by the DepEd for out-of-school individuals who aim to obtain their elementary or high school diplomas.

IT is in this line that FORGE and partner organizations, ChildFund and World Vision, has planned to undertake intensive review classes daily, three weeks before their scheduled exam, or shall start by the 2nd week of September until the 1st week of October, specifically from Sept. 13 – Oct. 1, 2010.

We call on dynamic and interested volunteers who wish to help these children “break from the cycle of violence” in their lives. We are open to ten (10)- twenty (20) volunteers who shall work with us throughout the three-week review.

Should you be interested, please contact (032-410 7366) or email us at, and let’s discuss how we can arrange our schedules. Certificates would be provided.

If you are interested to take part in this worthy endeavor, please contact Horace Señagan, FORGE-RESCUE Volunteer Coordinator at (032)410-7366/ 435-7649 or email us at

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  • Philip P. Tampus says:

    Just recently, I came into realization about making a career shift because of wanting a life more meaningful and purposeful aside from being a public school teacher, this pushes me to pursue my master’s in science major in social work at uspf.

    If i may suggest tutelage can be done by tapping graduating students from different universities. In Lapu-Lapu City, a circle of implementers of alternative system was formulated with the help of the city,,, so you may also duplicate that by tapping benefactors who may also shoulder the honorarium or allowances to these volunteer tutors,,,, because you know,,,, even if a person wanted to volunteer there are really cases stops the person to volunteer and it’s the money… GBU

    • horace says:

      Sir, thanks for this comment. generally, we’re thinking of new ways on implementing ALS in the next year (and in the coming years) and in order to maximize resources, one of realizations mainly, was to coordinate this with LGUs and the DepEd who already have a program on it. tapping volunteer tutors (like fresh university grads) would be very much welcome. although, i think money (in the form of honorarium) should be the very driving force in any volunteering work.

      Sir, if ever you can help us connect with the city or benefactors whom you know and who would be interested would be a very great help to us… we would highly appreciate! thanks, Horace (forge)

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