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Documentation of FORGE Anti-CSEC Intervention – Research and Publication


It was in 1995 that FORGE began its involvement with the work against commercial sexual exploitation of children. Previously named as Integrated Program for Prostituted Women and Children (IPPWC), the program tapped into the organizing expertise of FORGE and penetrated into the world of women in prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Despite inexperience in this field of work, FORGE attained significant and perceivable change in the behaviour of the women and children in the course of the program implementation.

Though the initial targets of the program were women freelance sex workers called “akyat-barko”, it did not take long for the implementors to realize that many of those engaged in the work are still children as young as nine years old.

The IPPWC evolved into Social Outreach Division of FORGE sometime in 2013, differentiating itself from the Community Outreach Division which deals with community issues of land tenure, basic social services, resilience and governance. From AIDS Surveillance and Education work, organizing of prostituted women and children, provision of drop-in and pre-rehab center and peer education trainings, the program evolved to develop its holistic intervention strategy which began with outreach work toward activity center and temporary shelter interventions and ending up with reintegration and organizing of victims, survivors and advocates.


The document to be produced is a written record of FORGE’s work against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and its contribution to the organizational Vision and Mission.

Specifically, the written document will lay down the following:
1. Anti-CSEC program development;
2. Program Intervention strategy vis-à-vis FORGE VMGV;
3. Success Stories; and
4. Challenges encountered and how they are addressed.

Expected Output:
It is expected that the writer, through the use of all available references in FORGE, will produce the following :
1. Outline of the Paper, on or before February 28, 2018;
2. First Draft, on or before March 31, 2018;
3. Final Paper, on or before April 30, 2018.


1. Must possess an idea and understanding of FORGE;
2. Has basic understanding of the commercial sexual exploitation of children;
3. Skilled on the rules of English grammar;
4. Experienced in document production and lay-out;
5. Cebu-based.




Executive Director

Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors (FORGE), Inc.

Unit 1 Espina Compound, B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City 6000

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