On Neo-Humanism, Vegetarianism and Sustainability

The Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors (FORGE), Inc. recently conducted a staff development activity on Neo-Humanism, Vegetarianism and Sustainability.DSC09293

The speaker of the activity was Dada Shiilabradananda, a Canadian yoga and intuitional science teacher and Global Coordinator of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants (PCAP). Dada Shiila has been instructing individuals, groups and companies in the art of meditation, autogenetic training, creative visualization, sense withdrawal and positive self assertiveness exercises. Under his mentorship, thousands of individuals have found a change of perspective and renewed inspiration.

FORGE staff and its allied networks who took part in the activity learned about the Principle of Non-Accumulation and Principle of Consumerism. 

These principles emphasize that happiness lies not in WHAT WE HAVE but WHAT WE ARE. While Neo-Humanism is the practice of love for all created human beings. DSC09316

Dada Shiila also shared an interesting fact that 18% of the greenhouse gases come from animal manure chemically know as methane gas.

He also urged the staff to reduce on consumptive lifestyle especially on what we eat and what we buy. On vegetarianism, Dada Shiila imparted that its the most sustainable practice where equitable sharing of resources are addressed compared to eating meat where only a few have access.

As a parting thought, he quoted Margaret Mead in saying “never think a small group cannot change the world. In fact it’s the only thing that ever has.

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