Support-a-Dream gains more support

In 2009, FORGE conceptualized a program to support the education of about 200 sexually exploited children. The children, who are identified more as Teen Dreamers (their local organization), represent the dreams of young, nearly hopeless children because of abuse and economic challenges.

Through the Support-a-Dream campaign, FORGE launched a resource generation mechanism for the children’s education. After more than a year, the Support-a-Dream campaign is continually gaining support. Currently, it has generated more than PhP 400,000.00 from individual donors, institutional partners and other organizations.

To date, FORGE was able to support about 127 students in the elementary and secondary, enrolled 150 students in Alternative Learning System (ALS), and one college student. For the incoming school year, their continuing education will be supported and we hope to support 50 more children.

A Dutch development student, who previously volunteered in FORGE-RESCUE Project, is currently organizing a benefit party in the Netherlands to support FORGE’s programs.

Through your support, their dreams are slowly gaining light. Thank you for continually supporting their dreams!

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