Speak Out: High officials should be held accountable

Friday, February 22, 2008

WE pay tribute to Mr. Jun Lozada and his family for their bravery and selfless sacrifice in telling the truth about the anomalous ZTE-NBN deal.

The symbol of Filipino integrity and valor is not carried by high officials in government, certainly not those in Malacañang, but by ordinary citizens like Lozada.

The expose of Mr. Lozada directs accountability at the doorstep of Malacañang.

People close to Mrs. Arroyo are responsible for the bribery scandal in the ZTE contract, and by law and morals, they should be held accountable.

These allegations of corruption and bribery should not be buried and forgotten.

We need to hold high officials accountable for an anomaly that could have cost the country billions of public funds.

This is the only acceptable closure to this controversy.

We call on the people to be vigilant in exacting transparency and accountability from our public leaders.

The days of apathy and indifference are over.

The time to make a stand is NOW.

We should be steadfast and unforgiving against any form of government maneuverings that would subvert the truth.

We should not be afraid to fight for truth and justice.

(By Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party, Alliance of Progressive Labor, Bukluran sa Ikauunlad ng Sosyalistang Isip at Gawa, Center for Participatory Governance and Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors)

Link: http://sunstar.com.ph/static/ceb/2008/02/22/oped/editorial.html

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